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With iDecking Revolution you can install composite or wood decking, wall cladding, extremely fast and easy just using your feet! The patented decking systems EasyClick and EasyChange bring incredible benefits to any decking project. Zero Screws to fasten the board to the under structure, EcoFriendly, Low Structural Maintenance, Cutom Colors.

iDeck Revolution is your best choice for your Decking, Pool Decking, Composite and Wood decking. With our systems you are able to remove one or more single decking boards from anywhere in the deck with just the turn of a key!  Innovative materials such as DURO 2.0 (the composite made with Rice Husk), Etherno (100% carbonized moso Bamboo), Skudo (shield anti-stain decking) will be serving any needing in public projects, residential projects, swimming pools, condominiums, hotels, resorts, green roofs and anywhere a deck idea is!


Patented technology

Thanks to the international patents EasyClick, EasyChange and iFly, iDecking Revolution has revolutionized the installation techniques and above all the longevity of Decking outdoor floors

brevettatoQuick and Easy Installation

iDecking's EasyClick and EasyChange systems allow you to install outdoor decking floors without the use of screws and in up to 5 times faster than traditional installation systems! The systems guarantee a much longer life to the finished deck and also make installation safer by drastically reducing the possibility of errors.


Wood effect surface,
low maintenance

The innovative wood-effect surface of Duro 2.0 replicates the warm feeling of the natural wood and at the same time, thanks to the special protective cap that surrounds the boards, takes on anti-stain characteristics that drastically reduce discoloration. The absence of screws in the system also guarantees the need for structural maintenance interventions over time.


New decking

The innovative film of the Duro 2.0 decking floor does not allow any liquid or debris to penetrate into the planks, thus making the floor easier to clean without allowing any stain to settle permanently!

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Duro 2.0

Area Tecnica


  • Tensile strenght at break: 35.1 N/mm2
  • Elongation at break: 3%
  • Thermal conductivity: 015 W / (mk)
  • Density: ca 1280Kg/mt
  • Nail withdrawal test: ASTMD 6117 105 N
  • Screw withdrawal test: ASTMD 6117 312 N
  • Humidity behaviour: very low humidity absorption | no dimensional change
  • Water absorption: very low humidity absorption | no dimensional change 0,26% ASTM D570
  • Linear expansion at 40°C Temperature: 0,13%



  • Formaldehyde emission: <0,01mg per m3 per hour


  • DEHP (Di-ethylhexylphtalate): <0,003mg per m3 per hour
  • DBP (di-n-butylphtalate): <0,003mg per m3 per hour
  • BBP (Benzybutylphtalate): <0,003mg per m3 per hour
  • Fire Behaviour: B1


  • rice husks, virgin pvc


  • Slipperiness: CEN/TS 15676 pass
  • Falling mass impact resistance: EN 477 pass
  • Flexural properties: EN 310 pass
  • Creep behaviour: EN 15534 pass
  • Moisture resistance under cyclic test conditions: EN 321 pass
  • Swelling and water absorption: EN 317 pass
  • Linear thermal expansion: ISO 11359-2 pass

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