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With iDecking Revolution you can install composite or wood decking, wall cladding, extremely fast and easy just using your feet! The patented decking systems EasyClick and EasyChange bring incredible benefits to any decking project. Zero Screws to fasten the board to the under structure, EcoFriendly, Low Structural Maintenance, Cutom Colors.

iDeck Revolution is your best choice for your Decking, Pool Decking, Composite and Wood decking. With our systems you are able to remove one or more single decking boards from anywhere in the deck with just the turn of a key!  Innovative materials such as DURO 2.0 (the composite made with Rice Husk), Etherno (100% carbonized moso Bamboo), Skudo (shield anti-stain decking) will be serving any needing in public projects, residential projects, swimming pools, condominiums, hotels, resorts, green roofs and anywhere a deck idea is!


Patented technology

Thanks to the international patents EasyClick, EasyChange and iFly, iDecking Revolution has revolutionized the installation techniques and above all the longevity of Decking outdoor floors

brevettatoQuick and Easy Installation

iDecking's EasyClick and EasyChange systems allow you to install outdoor decking floors without the use of screws and in up to 5 times faster than traditional installation systems! The systems guarantee a much longer life to the finished deck and also make installation safer by drastically reducing the possibility of errors.


Wood effect surface,
low maintenance

The innovative wood-effect surface of Duro 2.0 replicates the warm feeling of the natural wood and at the same time, thanks to the special protective cap that surrounds the boards, takes on anti-stain characteristics that drastically reduce discoloration. The absence of screws in the system also guarantees the need for structural maintenance interventions over time.


New decking

The innovative film of the Duro 2.0 decking floor does not allow any liquid or debris to penetrate into the planks, thus making the floor easier to clean without allowing any stain to settle permanently!

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Duro 2.0

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Decking systems


The right choice


Wood Vs. Composite


Tips before buying

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

{slider title="How do I understand the best iDecking system for my needing?" open="false"}

That’s the easiest task!

You really have to start from your own scenario (the place and use you need decking/cladding for). For example if you need to deck an area in the shortest time possible, EasyClick is the system you want to talk about. Just think that comparing EasyClick to any traditional way to install decking would make you find out you can speed up the installation till 5 times faster (es. 2 deck builders, regular shape, would install till 100 sqm per day!). If instead I need to deck an area that would need regular inspection, the best system is definitely EasyChange. The system that will let you remove/replace any single board from anywhere in the deck without touching the others! Particularly good for Cladding too! In case you need to add extra cables to an area, or just replace a broken board, EasyChange is definitely the system giving you much more freedom in long term time.

{slider title="Can I lay the deck directly on the ground?" open="false"}

Of course!

iDecking systems are all very versatile when it comes to adapt to any kind of ground, which could be earth, concrete, or a primary substructure in wood or metal. The important thing is that the ground is stable and well leveled (this is required for any kind of flooring you might want to install). Said so, we always find best fixing the aluminum rails on the ground… but there are chances in which this is not possible (like terraces or balconies for example). Even in this scenario, iDecking is the easiest solution! Which one? First of all once the decking is all in place with the EasyClick or EasyChange system, it makes one big block… in fact all the rails and decking boards are connected one to the other and this is a huge advantage in terms of movement! The only issue you might encounter is the normal lifting up of composite materials during the perimeter. For this we can suggest 4 different solutions:

  1. in case the height allows, I can create a primary substructure in aluminum and screw the system rails on top of it.
  2. I can lay down along the perimeter the iDecking counterweight plates, that will push the structure down.
  3. I can use special outdoor glues.
  4. In case the deck is pulled to a wall, I can use a skirting profile fixed to the wall… both acting as an esthetic finish of the work, and keeping the perimeter down.

{slider title="How does water flow under the system? How about the dirt under the deck?" open="false"}

Both EasyClick and EasyChange rails are studied in order not to obstacle the natural path of water (according to the ground slope). For how RARE it can be that someone would clean under a floor, iDecking system not only make that unnecessary, but structurally, they avoid the most dangerous scenario: water stagnation under the deck! Then, if you really want to clean under your floor, always remember EasyChange system gives you the chance to remove every single board and clean under that.

{slider title="What is the total height of the rails + decking board? How can I level the deck?" open="false"}

The total height of the rail + duro/duro excellence is 52mm. Going down to 47mm in case we use Etherno Bamboo. If we need to adjust the level of the deck we can suggest to use adjustable pedestals that can rise up the deck according to your needing.

{slider title="Why is Duro better than any other composite?" open="false"}

Consciousness about all the limits linked to WPC/BPC composites lead the italian team of iDecking Revolution to develop a new material to leviate the major problems coming from traditional composites. Its name is DURO the new material made of RICE HUSK (skin of the rice grain) and PVC . Yes you got it right... RICE HUSK a by product that would be otherwise burnt and create CO2 is given a much more noble second life into decking boards with incredible structural performances. It has to be compared to a noble wood other than common composites. Rice grows into water and the skin of the rice protects the grain till the moment it’s ready to blossom! NATURAL HYDRO REPELLENCY in fact it is only the micro surface to absorb. The perfect contrary of sawdust! DURO means HARD in Italian and that name didn’t happen casually. The surface is very much resistant and doesn’t look fake! This means that after years we are gonna be able to restore our decking and bring it back brand new... if there is a resistant stain we can sand it and bring it back brand new again (in case of DURO NATURAL)… or using our special cleaning products in case of DURO EXCELLENCE!

The expansion coefficient of each board is just 1mm per running meter and only in length! Another reason why DURO has no competitor is for the REVOLUTIONARY installation systems patented to install it! in fact the market is full of very nice boards but they are still tied to face fastening or hidden screwed clips… DURO BOARDS CAN BE INSTALLED WITH ZERO SCREWS... just with he pressure of your feet! This has a HUUUUUUUGE impact on installation time and overall lasting of the product and It is even a stainable/paintable composite... yes again

You got it right! YOU CAN protect it with a transparent color or give it the color you desire by applying a water based paint by iDecking Revolution.

{slider title="Why is the board hollow?" open="false"}

A myth needs to be busted: solid = better hollow = worse ! This ONLY depends by the quality of the material the boards are made of. In a standard WPC

in fact a solid board it’s preferable because these kind of composite deckings have a soft structure and in this case a hollow board could be more fragile if the material is the same. But there a back side to take in consideration the more mass you have the more the board will move! It would be much better opting for an innovative material made of PVC like DURO... in this case is much better a DURO hollow board than a PE or HDPE solid one! Because it has a stronger more resistant structure!

{slider title="Is it possible to order a custom sized board (length and width)?" open="false"}

Impossible is nothing! Even if iDecking Revolution boards are studied in order to optimize 99,9% of any decking/cladding job. It might happen that for bigger jobs (from 1000 sqm and over) we might need need a custom needing. In this case a specialized office in the company will help project and produce the different sized board (length and width) wether the extra cost is accepted by the client.

{slider title="Is DURO’s surface absorbing water/oils/fats?" open="false"}

The structural characteristics of DURO bring drastically down the absorption of liquids, limiting it only to the micro surface. What shall we do in case of stains then? DURO is a very versatile composite, giving you the chance to act on dirt both before and after use! We always advice to pre-treat the surface in order to make it easier to clean for regular maintenance! But even in case this hasn’t been done, no worries, we can remove persistent oil/fat stains by using the Duro Intensive Cleaner Spray! In case of DURO Natural, the boards can even be eventually sanded!

{slider title="How long doest really last an iDecking floor? (beyond the warranty period)" open="false"}

Once the warranty given years are passed, you might be happy to know that your iDecking floor is not going to explode! Overall life of your iDecking floor could be lasting much longer than the warranty period if you have reached that point by giving it the right maintenance during the years. For this, is essential to follow the Maintenance manual (very simple) that you can download on this page!

{slider title="iDecking installation can be done by anyone?" open="false"}

iDecking systems are born to drastically simplify the decking installation! Traditional installation methods are very complicated and you need to be a skilled and qualified deck builder to approach it. So, with iDecking, a normal handy person can approach decking building without running into fatal mistakes, while a professional Deck Builder will just FLY by using EasyClick or EasyChange system!





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