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Best 2022 Decking, the Winner is: DURO 2.0 + EasyChange system by IDecking Revolution!

25 November 2021 |

The deserved success of the DURO 2.0 decking floor by iDecking Revolution continues. Awarded as the best innovation in the Next Living category at the Milan International Fair MADE EXPO. First a finalist and then Winner of the coveted MADE...

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iDecking at Made Expo 2021

09 November 2021 |

IDecking participates in Made Expo 2021, the international fair where innovative solutions and products for comfort, sustainability, safety, quality and speed of construction present their technical value to national designers, companies and the world of national and international distribution. Many news...

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Easy to clean outdoor decking floors

16 January 2020 |

Whenever looking for an outdoor flooring solution, the first thing not to be undervalued must definitely be the CLEANING factor! Just like when we buy a car, beautifully shown inside the dealer showroom, we know we’ll have to constantly wash...

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The ultimate and best decking board is finally out: Duro 2.0 Decking by iDecking Revolution

10 January 2020 |

Internationally premiered during the DOMOTEX WORLD OF FLOORING Exhibition 2020, the DURO 2.0 material by iDecking Revolution is finally out and already conquering its well deserved success! Whoever is looking for building, contracting, buying a new deck, knows the importance...

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Removable Decking System, how to make the right choice!

19 June 2019 |

You need your decking boards to be removable? This guide can help you... In the last few years the decking market has grown up with various offers regarding patented fixing systems with the intention of revolutionizing the world of traditional decking...

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Best events Milan Design Week 2018

12 April 2018 |

Great surprises to be expected from outdoor Design and Lifestyle at the FUORISALONE It’s definitely going to be an extraordinary 2018 for at the Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone Milano Design Week 2018! A lot of expectations and revelations about events...

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Decking FREE GUIDE on materials and installation systems

06 April 2018 |

Decking: more than just a floor! Decking is becoming more and more popular all over the world! No matter if composite / wpc or natural wood, fashion is directing architectural studios, hotels, seaside bars, restaurants, public and private areas… But are we...

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iDecking Experience: Ravaioli Legnami

20 February 2018 |

Ravaioli Legnami was born as a small manufacturer company of profiles and skirting boards and it is now one of the leading companies in the world of wooden flooring and cladding for outdoor use, with 30 years of experience and a...

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A present from iDecking Revolution

22 December 2017 |

We've a PRESENT for you and it's called iFLY !!! 2018 will be a huge year for iDecking Revolution and along with our warmest Xmas hug we want to preview you one of the big surprises that will be presented at...

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Decking cost: tips and suggestion before buying!

11 October 2017 |

Decking, not matter if natural or composite (wpc - bpc- duro or whatever) is growing like fashion among private and public places. When interest catches you, what do you start to do? Gathering informations to find out what is the...

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Decking & Seaside places, how to choose?

25 July 2017 |

Everything you need to know to choose the right decking boards and systems in seaside areas Really a few people do know the big efforts that seaside activities, houses, restaurants, hotels have to do each year in order of maintaining their decks and outdoors...

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Best No Slippery/Anti-Slip outdoor decking floors

08 May 2017 |

How and what to choose to live your outdoor space in full safety. When it comes to design your own outdoor area, both in a private house or in the fizzy movida atmosphere of a trendy bar - hotel - restaurant...

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iDecking wins most innovative product prize for the third year in a row!

30 December 2016 |

Proud to announce that iDecking wins for the 3rd year in a row the prestigious INNOVATION @Domotex prize. 2017 is about to start in a rocket way for the Italian company which is taking off with great success from its...

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New Decking Innovative Technology - iDecking Revolution

01 September 2016 |

More and more producers choosing iDecking technology for their Decking/Cladding products There are many Decking producers all over the world of both wood and composite decking. Many of the largest wood decking producers use woods such as IPE, KUMARU, TEAK, ANGELIM...

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Etherno Bamboo Decking - Decking has a new protagonist!

15 June 2016 |

In the wide world of Decking materials there’s a continuous research for new materials to increase the deck area living, bringing maintenance down to nearly zero. Will it ever be possible? Looks so... Today we talk about a new product...

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Decking: wood vs. composite? Useful things to know before buying a deck

31 May 2016 |

Choosing the right material for your deck is a process that needs knowledge. If we’re opting for a wooden deck, first consideration is to go for a noble wood like IPE or Teak for example. We’re aware we’re far from...

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DECKING: Power & Resistance Challenge

10 May 2016 |

Traditional Hidden Fasteners VS iDecking’s EasyClick System Today we decided to compare two decking installation systems in a true strength challenge! Why? That’s very simple... when you buy a deck, you need to pay attention not only to the material the...

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How to build a deck: traditional hidden Fasteners vs EasyClick System by iDecking Revolution

04 May 2016 |

Building a deck is not the easiest task in the world! It still requires master deck builders to take care of that... There’s always some brave handyman who, after some research, loves the do it yourself world and we believe...

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It’s DECKING Mania!

26 April 2016 |

Vips, Celebrities, Designers and Architects are going crazy for iDecking Revolution. A great story that touches a lot of gorgeous places just like members of the Elton John band till the famous chain Hard Rock... More and more people choose iDecking...

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New generation decking installation systems (part 2)

25 April 2016 |

EasyChange is the only system in the world which allows you the ability to remove and replace every single board of your deck using a special iDecking key. No need to utilize any drills, screws, spacers or “obsolete” clips to...

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New generation decking installation systems (part 1)

18 April 2016 |

iDecking Revolution is the company born to innovate in the field of decking/cladding installation systems and materials! The company patented a whole new generation of decking installation systems, selling successfully worldwide!! EasyClick is the innovative system which allows you to install...

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Decking / Cladding: Traditional Decking System

18 April 2016 |

Though decking is a common product in our culture, nobody knows about the huge lever of skills needed to master this art. Many commercial facilities have been pushing outdoor floorings only as far as the sale side is concerned! WRONG...

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Composite Decking (WPC) - How to make the right choice!

15 April 2016 |

In the world of outdoor flooring, composite decking materials are becoming bigger and bigger. That’s why we all got to be very careful about falling in love with fashion advertised by sales people without the proper technical knowledge. How many...

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