iDecking Experience: Ravaioli Legnami

idecking ravaioliRavaioli Legnami was born as a small manufacturer company of profiles and skirting boards and it is now one of the leading companies in the world of wooden flooring and cladding for outdoor use, with 30 years of experience and a brand recognized throughout Italy and in part of the Europe.

Ravaioli manufactures and supplies wood for realizations in gardens, terraces and pool sides,  for cladding use, sunshades and special project applications. The company offers a real service, which starts from the selection and transformation of the material up to the after-sales assistance, using qualified technicians and operating in compliance with the directives for the respect of environment and of the origin of the material used.

Thanks to the continuous research and innovation, Ravaioli Legnami is able to offer modern and intelligent solutions for installation, among which there is the iDecking Easyclick system, that the company has been using for four years now, both with composite material such as Duro, and with solid wood, which is able to profile in order to make it usable on the joist with pre-assembled nylon clips characteristic of the system.

Ravaioli offers a wide range of woods such as Ipè, Teak and Garapa that can be installed with the Easyclick system, but is also able to supply composite materials such as Duro and WPC, to satisfy every need.

The Easyclick system represents a turning point in the installation of flooring and cladding thanks to numerous advantages such as: reduced installation times, ease of installation, the possibility of setting the whole area in a simple way, as well as the possibility to create inspectable manhole or pre-assembled and removable footboards.


All these features bring significant benefits both to the installers, especially in large construction sites but also in small situations, and to the final consumer who sees the timing of construction reduced and can count on a stable product of the highest quality.

If you are looking for quality, innovation and competence, Ravaioli Legnami and iDeck with the Easyclick system are the right choice!

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Decking Guide: The Truth about Decking

Decking is becoming more and more popular all over the world! No matter if composite / wpc or natural wood, fashion is directing architectural studios, hotels, seaside bars, restaurants, public and private areas… but are we really sure we know what it takes to make a happy and safe experience with decking?

This is the reason leading us to happily provide you with the FREE DOWNLOAD of the famous E-Book: Decking - More Than Just a Floor - which you can simply download with a click on this page. The guide will help you with:

  • getting an overview on all the critic / problematic sides of decking!
  • getting the tools leading you to solve those problems!
  • getting to finally spend your money SAFE and without negative/bad surprise after the installation !

Knowledge and Consciousness about decking will in fact guarantee you to live your beautiful deck as you deserve: LIKE A KING! Among the most important chapters, you’ll find:

  • Decking installation systems (in depth analysis of traditional and innovative installation systems! Thoughts and comparisons)
  • WPC / Composite (Everything you need to know, myths to bust and how to make the right choice on your composite material)
  • Wood or Composite? (the evergreen dilemma!!! Let us discover together pros and cons of the two material when it comes about Decking)
  • How much does it cost? (Price per square meter/foot? Truth or illusions? Let’s look together how the price per square meter/foot is built in order to save you from unhappy surprises)

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