Easy to clean outdoor decking floors

Whenever looking for an outdoor flooring solution, the first thing not to be undervalued must definitely be the CLEANING factor!

Just like when we buy a car, beautifully shown inside the dealer showroom, we know we’ll have to constantly wash it to keep it nice and clean. In fact, if this is the rule for a car, let’s prepare to the idea that for any outdoor floor this consideration has a way more important value. Probably we’re more familiar with cars than floors, so it’s easy to mistake by giving less attention to this factor while conquered by the look. An easy to clean floor (any kind) is the key to its lasting and your satisfaction in time.

Unfortunately (till now…) the best outdoor floors that would guarantee a truly easy and quick cleaning surface were not so beautiful to look. You basically had to put up with cold and bad looking solutions. For those who knew, a beautiful decking floor would in fact be a sort of compromise… you know that you’re getting a truly beautiful floor but you’ll need to maintain it like a baby (unless you don’t care about dirt). 

iDecking Revolution has premiered at the 2020 DOMOTEX Show the new DURO 2.0 decking board! Probably the easiest and quickest decking board to be cleaned and maintained (is the lowest maintenance deck you can ever get at iDecking). The floor is made through an innovative co-extrusion process which gives the surface the famous anti stain absorption quality! This comes of course without renouncing to beauty. A team of Italian Designers has in fact study the surface in order to replicate a warm and brushed wood grain effect!

Available in 5 different colors: BURMA - TEAK - DENIM - TERRA - HELMUT and absolutely compatible with the whole range of iDecking installation systems which can guarantee the best life of your floor (longer lasting) and versatility in time (including the chance to replace/remove any board from anywhere in the deck without any screw!!!)… let’s have a look at those together.