The ultimate and best decking board is finally out: Duro 2.0 Decking by iDecking Revolution

Internationally premiered during the DOMOTEX WORLD OF FLOORING Exhibition 2020, the DURO 2.0 material by iDecking Revolution is finally out and already conquering its well deserved success! 

Whoever is looking for building, contracting, buying a new deck, knows the importance of choosing the right material at the best price and lowest maintenance requirements. Especially is we’re talking about decking, which has to stay out and battle with any kind of weather. iDecking Revolution is the Italian brand known to have brought innovation in the world of decking, and it’s surprising this world once more by launching the evolution of its most known decking material: DURO 2.0. While keeping the best plus and characteristics of the old version, the DURO 2.0 adds to its structure truly phenomenal advantages, let’s have a look together:

Duro 2.0 Decking NEW composition

Decking DURO 2.0 is a composite floor made thorough co-extrusion process and composed by the following ingredients:

  • Rice Husks: literally the skin of the Rice grains! This natural trick helps the board performing like no other in humid and water exposed situations like: seaside, swimming pools, tropical weather and so on.
  • Bamboo: Bamboo dust! This is the first new touch for DURO! Thanks to the bamboo dust, the board acquires a drastically increased stability!
  • HDPE Polymers: the plastic part, blent together with the natural ingredients composes a decking floor much more stable than it’s predecessor.

Antistain and Color high performance: here we come with the real BIG news! Other than its new composition, the DURO 2.0 has much more to say. Its co-extrusion processing allows the board surface to be capped with an innovative film fixing two of the most annoying facts about decking: Cleaning and Color Fading! Thanks to this capsule, DURO 2.0 is anti stain guaranteed (since there’s no absorption) and extremely easy to clean (for the same reason)! The capsule protects the floor from the UV Rays making it MUCH MORE stable as far as color fading is concerned! 

Duro 2.0 Decking Surface

With DURO 2.0, iDecking Revolution makes its masterpiece as far as the board surface is concerned! The effect given is the one of an incredibly beautiful brushed wood grain managing different color tones, the result over an installation is astonishing! Available in 5 different colors: Teak - Burma - Denim - Terra - Helmut