Duro 2.0: composite with capsule technology

Co-Extruded, anti stain decking

DURO 2.0 is the highest quality capped composite material developed by iDecking Revolution in order to blend the advantages of a classy wooden surface with the technical performances wood cannot guarantee. An ultra protective capsule surrounds the board whose natural part includes a mix of Rice Husks and Bamboo. This has been achieved through our own innovative co-extrusion process technology. 

DURO 2.0 surface looks like real wood. The wood grain is embossed in order to give it the magic feeling of a natural wood brushed board. 

DURO 2.0 is 100% recyclable and extremely easy to clean thanks to a 100% non-absorbant surface. DURO 2.0 colour keeps its tone over the years, guaranteeing an imperceptible gradient of fade. DURO 2.0 decking can be installed both on the EasyClick and EasyChange systems and the boards are available in a choice of five different colours.

Duro 2.0 Colors

Which are the highlights of DURO 2.0 material?

  • Real wood looking surface
  • Fat & oil stain resistant
  • Made of rice Husks - Bamboo - Recycled Plastic
  • Easy to clean
  • Low maintenance
  • No splinters, barefoot walking is welcome!
  • Improved colour UV resistance
  • 100% recyclable