Best No Slippery/Anti-Slip outdoor decking floors

How and what to choose to live your outdoor space in full safety.

When it comes to design your own outdoor area, both in a private house or in the fizzy movida atmosphere of a trendy bar - hotel - restaurant, it’s pretty common to give a high importance to the look of things. It’s a natural choice not to blame… But on the other note we have to be aware in the case of a floor/deck that safety is definitely a key point. When getting wet a floor can really turn into a beautiful but dangerous place… We don’t really want to turn the satisfaction of our great project into the reason of a broken back!

Looking for a beautiful anti-slip or no slippery at all deck is the hardest task, because when looking around, the offer is really poor in terms of look and find the right balance between look and safety is a real nightmare!

Looks like someone got that feeling and invested on the formula of an innovative material whose performance when wet are ABSURDLY EXCEPTIONAL! The look??? Well, you can judge yourself.

Its name is DURO 2.0 and it is the most innovative floor / decking board around! It gives the look and feel of real wood but MOST OF ALL the laboratory Slippery Tests certified a grip like never seen before, making of DURO 2.0 the best no slippery material around! Naturally resistant to both sweet and sea water, one of its principal components is HUSKS (skin of the rice grain) whose natural characteristics are to make DURO the best solution in terms of look/anti-slip floor. We’re proud to share with you a short video of the TEST: