KIARO: The most advantageous material on the market

Co-extruded - Hollow

Kiaro is an exceptional composite material from iDecking Revolution, created to offer the most advantageous product on the market without ever compromising on quality. Thanks to our cutting-edge co-extrusion technology, we have created a high-quality product with a hollow profile surrounded by an ultra-protective capsule.

The natural part of Kiaro is made up of a mix of Rice Hull and Bamboo, making it a highly resistant, stable, and long-lasting material. The surface of Kiaro looks like real wood, with raised grains that give the magical sensation of a natural brushed wood board.

Kiaro is also a highly sustainable and completely recyclable material. Furthermore, thanks to its non-absorbent surface, it is extremely easy to clean and maintains its color over the years, ensuring an imperceptible fading effect.

Kiaro decking can be installed on both the EasyChange and EasyClick systems. Choosing Kiaro means choosing quality, innovation, and sustainability for your outdoor flooring.

Kiaro is available in three colors:

Kiaro Colors

What are the advantages of Kiaro?

  • Hollow profile that provides stability and resistance.
  • Better value for money compared to other composite materials on the market.
  • A non-absorbent surface that makes it extremely easy to clean.
  • Durability and resistance to weather and stains.